Web Development

We provide high-end web dev products

Providing top most high-quality having high-end fetured web applications as well as websites to our valuable clients


Our team of full stack developers aim to fulfil your business needs by surpassing your expectations. Our web developers strive to prioritise our clients’ vision in order to provide the best website and web application design experience with highly enrich back-end. We have a team of world class web developers in order to provide the best results to our clients. Our Experts are capable of making whole website as well as web application, absolutely attractive and glamorous. 

Web development in coding

We have experts that will design your attractive websites and web applications as code using different technologies that not only make the product faster but helps in making it elegant, attractive and professional looking: 

  • HTML 
  • CSS
  • PHP 
  • Java Script 

and more.

Full stack development (mern)

MERN stack being a popular full-stack combination with numerous features along with the capabilities of Fast speed by using the power of single paged application feature of react, Optimized code, functionalities et. c is the reason Hegtavic works in it. Our experts know how to align your requirements to convert them into a high-quality Web Application. Keeping SEO trending factors under consideration our experts work to make both front-end as well as back-end clean and optimized.

  • Mongo DB
  • Express JS
  • React JS
  • Node JS
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CMS (Content management system) Platforms

Our experts are skilled in CMS web development platforms, CMS platforms provides facility to build applications without coding from scratch, Our experts aim to produce fast, attractive websites by carefully using necessary plugins and themes. Some platforms we use are:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify

and more.

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Attractive Designes

We as a company acknowledge and understand the requirements of a wider audience so we gear up to provide the ultimate web development experience to you with top trending, glamorous and attractive designs

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Our Experts will provide you with this one of the best features to make the website cross-browser compatible. Our experts know about the problem many people face whom site is made only for one browser to co op with this problem our experts covers the web development process using various browsers including: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, MS Edge, Explorer, Safari and many more.

Optimized Code

Our employees will facilitate you with the optimised code. The code will be more effective and efficient, more reliable and less long which will become easy to understand and make the overall performance swift and great

Responsive for all devices

We develop the websites that are fully responsive for all devices as:

+ Extralarge Screens(Large TV, LCD, LED screens)
+ Large Screens(Desktops)
+ Medium Screens(Laptops, Tabs)
+ Small Screens(Mobile Phones)
+ Extra Small Screens(Small Mobile Phones)

Clean Source code

Our Experts will facilitate you with the websites that have clean and error free code. The code will be extremely accurate, aligned and easy to understand.

Variety of Web Development Platforms

Our Experts are highly qualified and are skilled in web using variety of platforms which includes Websites made by coding using html,css, php, js and different frameworks like Bootstrap 4 etc. WordPress, Wix and more.

How we proceed

Summarised steps to perform web development process
Successful web development process


  • Proper Tele communicative or face to face discussions.
  • Making sure we share ideas, share advises by our researchers and helping our valuable clients to get introduced to new technology that helps their project in long term and rapid growth.
  • Making sure Finalizing resultant of the whole discussion to start the analysis.


  • Our Experts and researchers will carefully look up at the requirements and try to make different assumptions in order to make it more effective and smooth
  • Our researchers and our full stack developers share the new advancements and technologies that can be useful for our clients projects


  • Our Team make sure that the project will have absolute glamor and attractiveness according to the advancements being made in designing field.
  • The futuristic designing not only make the project attractive but gave it a stylish as well as professional look


  • Our Highly experienced, highly qualified developers start to work at this stage.
  • They make sure that they use the best frameworks and libraries that make the product efficient and high speed.
  • Our developers follow rules to make code look highly clear, easy to debug, easy to modify and short


  • One of the most important stages of creation of any software, application or website is testing.
  • Our experts make sure to test every single detail and feature.
  • Alpha testing is considered one major part in development


  • Now there comes the last stage where we launch the product or project or make it live for the customers