AI & DataScience

We provide Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Mining and Warehousing, AI and much more related services

Providing best products to our clients to know trends and future predictions.

AI & data science

Hegtavic provides data science and analytics consultation along with AI-powered software and technical solutions to companies and organizations who want to strengthen data and machine learning algorithms to add value to their businesses.

We at Hegtavic are focused on machine learning, AI software development, computer vision, and intelligent automation. Our aim is to help businesses innovate with AI, make critical decisions by observing customer insights, automate processes and be more cost-efficient. Our highly qualified researchers and developers are keen to help your Datascience and AI related problems keeping quality as foremost priority.

Big Data services

Data Warehouse & BI

Collecting, integrating, and pulling out data from different systems (OLTP, Flat files, etc) and devices. Our Clients get the best warehouse consulting services from Hegtavic. Experts use the best tools and techniques to refine data in order to make it work for critical business intelligence tasks and decisions making. This data then will be used to do further analysis and to get insights. Sql database is one of the best tools

Data Engineering

Data Engineering is the approach to designing and constructing systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data at a considerable scale. Our team is prepared to assist you with on-demand Data Engineering skills, which re-organize the strategy and strengthen the brand in the market. Our data pipeline encloses the subsequent processes:

  • Ingestion
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Visualization

Data Architecture

  • Data Quality assurance
  • Consultations
  • Infrastructure building
  • Introducing Automation

Data Piplines

  • Data-driven App development
  • Creating data flow architecture
  • Extraction and transformation of data
  • Data Integration

Data Analytics

  • Top Big data tools for deriving results
  • Dashboards and reports visualization
  • Clear understanding of Data
  • Custom Algorithms for Client's need

Data Analytics

Hegtavic provides Data Analytics services to our clients. THe process includes inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modelling data with the objective of getting insights. These then will help in making decisions for businesses and organizations. We use the best tools to analyze data. Some of the tools include:

  1. Excel
  2. Tableau 

and other data different tools.

Analytics are Categorized as:

  1. Descriptive analytics
  2. Diagnostic analytics
  3. Predictive analytics
  4. Prescriptive analytics

AI Solutions

Machine Learning Consulting

Hegtavic’s machine learning experts and researchers are experienced in:

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning

The aim is to provide our Clients with such models that help in their business and organization tasks. To have an accurate view of future possibilities so that timely decision-making can be done.

Some of the frameworks used by our Experts are:

  • Scikit Learn
  • Tensor Flow
  • Keras
  • Open CV
  • Py Torch

AI Software development

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most booming topics in today’s computer science community. As AI and Data Science specialists, we design practical and impactful AI-based software according to your business requirements. We attempt to elevate your business and lead you toward the creative world of AI with less risk and better outcomes. AI influences the Healthcare, Finance, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Surveillance industries. Our team is well equipped to take your business to next level in the AI world.


Customer Sentiment Analysis

Customer sentiments about business are very important for new consumers. At Hegtavic top priority is to arm you with a unique custom approach to assist you in constructing your online brand recognition.
Social media platforms are majorly used by customers for sharing opinions. At Hegatvic we mine these remarks then perform data analysis and design opinion mining solutions. Our solution can help businesses designing more promising products and excellent service provision.

How can you use our Solutions:
Our solutions help to facilitate our clients with

  • Monitoring customer feedback
  • Monitoring product reviews using emails, tweets, and other type of text data

Text Analysis

Using Natural language processing we build text analysis software that can extract meaning from text data. We create solutions for customer feedback analysis, customer
support automation, and semantic search. Our products include

  • Extracting information about an entity,
    to topic classification
  • Getting audience insights like age,
    gender, interest, language, etc

Customer Experience Consulting

With sentiment analysis, we help our clients to perceive the views of their customers and gain knowledge of their needs. For this purpose, we use AI and machine learning models. With the excellent solution in their possession, our clients get the best customer experience which works in their advantage over the competition.
Our services include

  • Behavioral segmentation of customers
  • Customer product review analytic

We used Advance data analysis, predictive analytic solutions, Review collection using Data capture, Extraction from social media platforms and text analysis, and Natural language processing.

Computer vision

Image recognition solutions

Our team is ready to aid you with on-demand computer vision and image recognition software development. We use robust ML algorithms to collect, identify, and examine visual data from raw images and present precise statistics. We provide customized solutions to clients’ industry-specific problems. We serve such enterprises as logistics, retail, media & entertainment, and healthcare.
Our customized image recognition software can give your business the following benefits:
More rapid and securer visual data processing
Optimized business operations
Improved performance
Boosted profitability
Reduced support expenses

Human Pose Estimation

Human pose estimation is one of the most booming topics in today’s computer vision community.
Our team is ready to aid you with a pose estimation model whose purpose is to predict, recognize, and track the presence of a person and its body actions. We use modern deep learning and data science methods to provide scalable and trustworthy human body pose estimation software. This technology has great potential for the healthcare, sports, and surveillance industries. Let our senior-level expertise develop a customized solution for you from scratch or extend the existing project.

recommendation system


Recommendation systems allow enterprises to provide customized suggestions and experiences to their clients. Our team is equipped with the demanded machine learning techniques to increase engagement and decrease bounce rate with customized recommendation systems. Recommendations are made on simultaneous behavior change, customer profiles, and purchase history. We use multiple approaches based on your enterprise goals and provide real-time suggestions to improve your business.
We provide services in three major systems as follows:

  • Content Based Recommendation System
  • Collaborating Filtering
  • Hybrid Approaches

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AI Powered Mobile & Web App Development

We as a company acknowledge and understand the requirements of a wider audience so we gear up to provide the ultimate web development experience to you with top trending, glamorous and attractive designs

ML Consultation

Our Experts will provide you with this one of the best features to make the website cross-browser compatible. Our experts know about the problem many people face whom site is made only for one browser to co op with this problem our experts covers the web development process using various browsers including: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, MS Edge, Explorer, Safari and many more.

Optimized Code

Our employees will facilitate you with the optimised code. The code will be more effective and efficient, more reliable and less long which will become easy to understand and make the overall performance swift and great

Intrducing AI & Ml to your Mobile & Web Applications

We develop the websites that are fully responsive for all devices as:

+ Extralarge Screens(Large TV, LCD, LED screens)
+ Large Screens(Desktops)
+ Medium Screens(Laptops, Tabs)
+ Small Screens(Mobile Phones)
+ Extra Small Screens(Small Mobile Phones)

Clean Source code

Our Experts will facilitate you with the websites that have clean and error free code. The code will be extremely accurate, aligned and easy to understand.

Trusted AI & ML Applications

Our Experts are highly qualified and are skilled in web using variety of platforms which includes Websites made by coding using html,css, php, js and different frameworks like Bootstrap 4 etc. WordPress, Wix and more.